Could your connective tissue be the cause of your pain and general discomfort?

Let’s partner together, and realize your potential! My work is a synthesis of techniques I have learned over years of study and practice. It is rooted in Myofascial Release and in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration. These techniques successfully address the following challenges:

  • treat aches and pains from current or past injuries
  • resolve more complex structural/postural patterns
  • occasionally clients seek help to deepen their awareness on their quest to Self-Alignment.

My work may focus on bringing a client out of pain, enabling him to recover full range of motion in a joint or it may be more involved in a systemic and wholistic approach of Structural Integration.

I find it utterly rewarding to help clients become pain-free or to help them function better. Ultimately, it is a real joy when through my work, they are able to recover grace and ease, to deepen their awareness and appreciation of their own body and of who they are.

Welcome aboard!


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Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Integrative and restructuring soft tissue therapy to improve biomechanical habits, resolve complex compensation pattern, postural imbalances and alleviate chronic pain. It aims at restoring your natural balance, alignment, length and ease of movement


My Rates

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Standard Session

$800060 Minute Session

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$Sessions 3, 5, and 12

Standard Session

1200090 Minute Session

Myofascial Therapy

Effective soft tissue therapy that aims at releasing your muscles of adhered connective tissue (fascia). It decreases the overall tension, pain and discomfort you are experiencing in the body.


Further Readings & Inspirations

to support your session results and further your embodied wisdom

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Cupping has quickly become a self-care tool in my household and I am delighted to offer this therapy in my practice.

Ace Massage Cupping or vacuum therapies utilize glass or plastic cups and a vacuum pistol or machine (no flame) to create suction on the body surface. These cups are gently moved over the skin using gliding, shaking, popping and rotating techniques to facilitate joint mobilization or soft tissue release.

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