About Me

I am a Structural Integrator and a Licensed Massage Therapist specialized in pain management, improved function and embodiment. Over more than a decade, I have pursued quality education in holistic perspective on pain management and integration; my work is constantly updated with readings, attending workshops, lectures and symposium, and with further studies in Human Structure, Movement, Structural Integration and Somatic Education. I compliment this vital curiosity with a heightened self and body awareness developed through years of self-exploration. This conveniently enhances my technical expertise with greater empathy and listening skills.

The body’s continual process, its intelligence, adaptability and organization (or compensation) fascinates me deeply. Over the years, I have grown into a (com)passionate therapist moved by my clients’ pursuit of awareness, their desire to change…Each client’s unique process fuels my passion for this work.

Receiving regular structural bodywork 15 years ago changed my life forever. The depth of the work felt “affirming”, it clearly had intentions. Instead of feeling sleepy and “out of it” like I felt after a massage, it left me feeling “fluid”, in touch, alive, expansive and deeply calm at the same time. Bliss, really! I soon enrolled in a series of Structural Integration. I was not crippled by pain; I was just curious and wanted more of that sense of centeredness. I had just left home (Belgium), had recently wed here, and really could use some structural and emotional support in order to grow gentle but strong roots in this new land. The work brought me “home”, the only one there is: inside my body! It equipped me with a deep listening that was just not “on” prior. The flow and ease evoked in my movements felt delicious. The practice of listening brought depth to my self-awareness. I was present like I had never been before.

My profound interest in embodiment, movement and healing was explored at the Utah College of Massage Therapy where I studied (2004) and then taught Structural Bodywork with Amber Burnham (currently Guild of Structural Integration faculty). Shortly after, I mentored in Structural Integration with Amber and then further explored the body and its organization through the study of Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains fascial connections. His theories really piqued my interest and I soon signed up for an extensive training at his School of Structural Integration. In 2007, I graduated from his 500h respected program now called Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (or ATSI).

I was born and raised in Belgium where I studied Tourism Management and spent my previous career in the Hospitality Industry. I was a hotel assistant manager in the quaint town of Mons for 8 years where I met customers from all over the world, many US military or civilian on defense contract with NATO. It is eventually where I met my husband whom I followed to Utah.

After graduating from massage school in Salt Lake City, Utah (2004), I built a practice in town while also working at the Utah Olympic Park visitor Center where I lead tourists on the property and helped many experiencing a thrilling ride down the Bobsled Olympic Track! Before moving to Tucson, and beside my private practice, I was a happy employee of the upscale spa of Promontory Mountain Home Community in Park City, Utah.

  • Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator (ATSI)
  • International Association of Structural Integrator- professional member (IASI)
  • Licensed Massage Therapist in Arizona (LMT-AZ)
  • National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)
  • Amercan Massage Therapy Association