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Ingrid attended the Haute Ecole Comerciale University (HEC) in Liege, Belgium and Les Rivageois College of Tourism Management. After working as a manager in the hospitality industry in Belgium for 10 years, Ingrid followed her husband to Utah. There, her profound interest in embodiment, movement and healing could finally be explored at the Utah College of Massage Therapy where she studied and then taught Structural Bodywork with Amber Burnham (current Guild of Structural Integration faculty). Ingrid opened a private practice in 2004 then further explored the body and its organization through the study of Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains fascial connections. His theory intrigued her inquisitive mind; after a mentoring program in Structural Integration in 2006 (a systemic exploration in improved posture, alignment and function - Ida P. Rolf method), she signed up for an extensive training at Thomas Myers' Kinesis School of Myofascial Integration (KMI). She graduated in KMI  in 2007.

To this quality education and its innovative perspective on pain management, she adds a heightened self and body awareness developed through years of self-exploration. This enhances her technical expertise with greater empathy and listening skills. In addition to her education, Ingrid brings to the table a hands on experience honed on a daily basis through observation and practice.   

From this platform, she successfully treats her client’s pain in a few sessions (from chronic back and neck pain, whiplash, tennis elbow, knee pain, SI joint dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, to repetitive stress injuries or chronic tension,…).  She encourages clients to partner in a series of 12 session of Kinesis Structural Integration to:

          • Address persistent pain
          • Expand their body awareness
          • Improve posture
          • Relish in a rediscovered sense of ease and grace
          • Deepen their sense of structural and emotional integrity

The body’s continual process, its intelligence, adaptability and organization (or compensation) fascinates her deeply. Her work is constantly updated by readings, attending workshops, lectures and further studies in Human Structure, Movement, Structural Integration, Visceral Manipulation and Somatic Education.  She grew into a (com)passionate therapist moved by her clients’ pursuit of awareness, their desire to change…Each client’s unique process fuels her passion for this work.

Ingrid is married and has a little boy to whom she still devotes most of her time.  She loves to read, take classes, entertain, travel and go on contemplative walks.  If you pay close attention, you can catch her dreaming of her next visit to her extended family in Belgium...


  • Arizona State Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (NCBTMB)
  • Kinesis Myofascial Integrator certified 2007 (KMI)
  • American Massage Therapy Association member (AMTA)
  • International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI)



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"...There is no such thing as personal happiness. Happiness is 100% relational. Happiness is Connective Tissue" .

The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner