“Throughout my career as a massage therapist I have received a variety of therapeutic approaches. The KMI series was the most transformative therapeutic process I have ever had. I can say that I feel a lot more in my body today, I have “landed” in my feet! Most of all, it helped me release persistent pain in my shoulders and become aware of the repetitive stress I was creating while working. It also has successfully addressed my recurrent low back/hip pain (SI joint) and provided me with some helpful tools to immediately release the tension as I feel it creeping in.”

Helene Gaudard-Castillo, LMT

“I have had the opportunity and great pleasure of knowing Ingrid Bregand both personally, as well as professionally, for eight years. On a professional level, Ingrid is an extraordinary therapist who has spent many, many long hours of study above & beyond that which is required to become a licensed massage therapist and then certified in a specialty. Her work is meticulous as well as insightful. She brings all her resources to bear for each client in order to assist them in obtaining the very best outcome possible for each session.  I have referred my clients to Ingrid while I was away for an extended period of time. This speaks both to the quality of her work as well as to her integrity and respect for individuals, as well as for the rules that govern our profession”.

Linda Watkins, BFA, MEd, LMT

“I recently finished a 12 week myofascial integration program with Ingrid Bregand.  Before we started the sessions I had chronic lower back pain throughout the day which increased severely and dramatically during the night.  Very rarely did I go to bed without taking some sort of pain medication and a muscle relaxer. Now I have little pain throughout the day and night and no longer take any pain medication.  Hallelujah!  It is apparent that Ingrid really knows her anatomy and is well trained in her field. What  Ingrid has, no amount of schooling or practice will provide, is her innate ability to perceive the individual.  Her intuition is profound and I am blessed with the gift of renewed health that she has given me”.

Pat Fox, Long Realty Associate Broker 

“Ingrid is professional and extremely knowledgeable.  She is attuned and sensitive practitioner, skilled in aligning with the body intelligence to help restore balance.  I am excited about the changes in my own body from just a couple of KMI lessons”.

Linda K. Wilson, Somatic Educator in footsteps of Moshe Feldenkrais, Thomas Hanna and Anat Baniel

“I suffered a whiplash injury a few months ago after a car accident. Muscle relaxants and pain relievers helped me the first few days, but I had lingering pain and discomfort. I went and saw Ingrid for a massage a few days after the accident. I was pleasantly surprised by this massage as it was very interactive and I had to participate actively. She adapted her movements to what I described I was feeling and to what she was feeling. I felt immediate relief, and by the next day my pain had completely disappeared. I have not had any pain since and believe that Ingrid’s massage prevented long term discomfort. I am very thankful I was able to see her early after my injury”.

Emmanuelle Mangin 

“I recently completed 12 sessions of KMI with Ingrid. After each session what I experienced was entirely unexpected―not only a release but a new awareness of each area of my body. Through Ingrid’s careful and skilled treatments and my participation in the process, I learned about connections across my muscles, tissues, bones and organs that I did not know existed.  Many areas of my body are now freed from long-term habits of posture and movement, and the swelling on an old injury decreased. I also learned how to correct my own patterns. I am much more in touch with every part of my body and I feel like I have a new lease on life as I approach 60”.

Claire Brown, Ed.D.

“I went to see Ingrid Bregand after I hurt my back lifting a heavy flower pot. When I arrived at her office, I could barely move, I couldn’t lift my arms, or really stand straight. After one hour I stepped out of her office pain-free and  I was able to move normally again. The pain hasn’t come back to this day, and if I would get hurt again I would  not hesitate and get an appointment right away. The atmosphere of her office is very calming and comfortable. Ingrid Bregand is a talented therapist, and I would recommend her to my friends and family without a doubt.”

Charlotte Boley 

“The last few years have seen immense changes in my life triggered by some painful events, but the path has led to the growth of new, positive experiences. One of the best new experiences was going through a 10 session Structural Integration series with Ingrid. A close friend recommended her, and I can only describe the experience and results as wonderful, not only from a physical perspective but also a mental one. Ingrid is very knowledgeable and caring. She has a rare sensitivity and competence, and is constantly trying to improve her practice through further training and experience. She has an amazing ability to examine and learn your body, understand its troubled areas, and go to the source of a problem. Throughout these sessions I felt like I was literally being rebuilt, and I often felt as if something had shifted or was unblocked and released, and my body felt energetic yet relaxed. Ingrid helped me understand and feel the way my body should be aligned, and what to do to maintain that optimal state. My posture is better and my structure feels straighter, and my body dynamics and awareness have vastly improved. I am more mindful of my alignment in my daily activities and understand how certain habits and patterns compromise it, and I feel a level of comfort and ease in my body that I haven’t felt in years.  Overall, this body work with Ingrid has helped me feel more grounded and strong, especially during stressful situations. I feel as though I’ve been put back in touch with myself, both mentally and physically, and that feels really good!  Thanks Ingrid : )

Cathy Morris

“I went to Ingrid to address some posture and movement issues and it works. She works. It’s even addressed a couple issues I hadn’t realized were related like swollen ankles. Amazing… and at my age too”.

John Wilson

“What I gained from the sessions…1) greatly improved body awareness, 2) useful, effective imagery provided by you that helped me change some of the habitual movement patterns I had been utilizing  3) the sensory input of the SI sessions provided food for my nervous system that it was craving in order to develop better movement strategies in activities of daily living”.

Steve McNamara, PT